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Easy Fabric Flowers!

on February 23, 2012







My friend Sara Gambino taught me how to make these great fabric flowers. (Check her out, she’s awesome! Hair By Sarah Gambino or Her Facebook Page).  When I realized how easy and super cute they were, I just had to share!

It took me about 10-15 minutes to make one– Like I said, SO SIMPLE!




Here’s how you do it…..


Pick your fabric. You don't need much (depending on the size of flower you plan on making) For this one, I made a small flower that I want to attach to the dress I made the other day.

Find a circular object to trace. Like I said, this was a small flower so I grabbed an old cup. For bigger ones, I use a bowl or a coffee filter.

Trace circles onto your fabric. For small flowers I use 3 circles, and for bigger ones I use 4.

I use a sharpie to trace, but if you have a fabric pencil or something you'd rather use then go for it! You won't end up seeing any of the ink once it's all put together

Cut out your circles

And now cut those circles in half

Now fold each piece in half again, with the outside of the fabric showing

And sew along the straight edge. You could definitely hand sew this, I just LOVE my sewing machine 🙂

Sew each piece

And then turn them right side out. Use a blunt object to gently press out the corners. These are our petals!

Now to sew them all together. We'll sew them along the curved edge

Gathering them like this

or this... I couldn't decide out which angle would best show how to sew them, so I'll post both 🙂

You'll end up with a nice little chain of petals

Pull both ends tight, and tie them together. And VOILA! you have a fabric flower. At this point you could leave it as is, or sew a cute button or rhinestone in the center

Aren't they adorable! You can attach them to clothing, put them on a hair clip or headband, the possibilities are endless!

I love these! Pretty soon all of Linnaea’s clothes are going to be decorated with flowers! Thanks again so much Sara! (And seriously, you guys need to go check out her website, she’s great!)

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