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Guest Post: Cost Per Trip

on March 21, 2012

My lovely Mother-in-Law created a nifty budgeting tool that we wanted to share with you! She wrote up a great post about it, and I’m excited for you all to read about it and try it out! If you want your own copy of this great little spreadsheet she made (it makes everything so easy to figure out- you don’t have to do any math!) all I ask is that you follow my blog, and then post in the comments that you would like the link to the worksheet. I will send it to you via email!

Click to see a sample of the worksheet!

Gas prices are rising…AGAIN! They could reach $5-6/gallon within the year. OUCH! Those kind of prices can hurt even a well-thought out budget.

Gas is expensive, probably one of the most expensive items in a budget. Where do those gas dollars go?

It’s time to stop thinking about PPG (price per gallon) and start thinking about CPT (Cost Per TRIP).  If we concentrate on how much it costs to get from one place to another, it’s easier to make educated decisions about where (and if) we go.  If you determine it costs $8 to go to the utilities company to pay a bill, you might consider mailing in your payment, or even better, paying online, for an instant savings of $8.  If it costs $4 to go to the neighborhood grocery store, you might want to only go once a week (or less), resulting in more money in your pocket. Thinking about how much a trip costs always helps you make informed decisions about whether the PPT is worth that trip.

I wrote this Excel worksheet to make the process easy. Just input the correct information, and you will have a list of how much each trip you make costs according to the current price per gallon of gas. This worksheet is free, but please be courteous and don’t share with anyone. We would love to have them come visit us at and get their copy there.

-Cheryl Boynton

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