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Child’s Poodle Skirt Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make Linnaea a poodle skirt for a while now– simply because a 1 year old in a poodle skirt is too stinkin’ cute! I couldn’t find an online tutorial out there, and didn’t want to spend the money on a pattern for such a simple skirt, so I had to get thinking…. I absolutely LOVE this circle skirt tutorial by Dana Made It, and it dawned on me that that’s pretty much what a poodle skirt is- a circle. Now, using this pattern, the skirt comes to the knee. So, all we have to do it add a couple inches in length (measure the leg to where you’d like the skirt to end, and use that as the length measurement.) Anyways, here’s how I did it:

To start, as I said before, I used the pattern from Dana Made It, and simply add a couple to the length. To make this skirt, I used felt. The beauty of felt is-- NO HEMMING! How great is that! It doesn't fray, so no need for hems.

Again, following Dana's tutorial, I sewed the exposed elastic along the top. We're almost done already!

Here's the iron-on poodle applique. I ordered online from Joann's. All we need to do is apply it!

Voila! We have a poodle!

Here's the finished product. How easy was that!



Quiet Books!

I am so excited about this post! I have been working on 2 quiet books, one for my daughter and one for my nephew, for about 2 weeks now. They are time consuming, but SO worth it! I love how they turned out, and can’t wait to see what you guys make too.

I found the design, templates, and supplies list at Serving Pink Lemonade. She’s got it all organized, and makes it easy for you to make one too. I did make a few changes to some of her templates, and I’ll show you below what I added…..

Ok, I didn't actually change this one, but it is by far my favorite! The petals have velcro so kids can move them around and learn counting. Then, the little pot that it's in is actually a pocket to hold the petals. So cute, right!

"Serving Pink Lemonade's" design is actually a cute ballet slipper. I had originally planned on doing the ballet slipper for Linnaea's book, and a tennis shoe for my nephew's book. I decided I actually liked the tennis shoe a bit more than the slipper, so I did this for both books 🙂

The only thing I added to this one was a little personalization-- just put their initials on the mailboxes, which I thought was fun!

"Serving Pink Lemonade's" first page simply says "My Quiet Book", once again I wanted to add a little personalization so I did it this way. I also added the little pocket.

I had a great time creating this fun little books, and I hope you guys do too!!

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Sewing Table For Small Spaces

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have a whole lot of extra room in my house for my sewing hobby. I would LOVE to have a whole room to dedicate to sewing and crafts, but that’s just not possible right now. So, I saw this great table on Pinterest (I’m hooked!!), and talked my dear husband into making it for me. Click on the link and take a look, it walks you through step-by-step exactly how to make your own! And talk about a space saver! The sides of the table fold down for easy storage, and when set up the table offers TONS of workspace. Not to mention, the shelves offer a perfect spot for sewing machine storage.

With the sides folded down. My husband used some spring hinges on the side, so it doesn't quite lay flat, but yours will if you use regular hinges.

And here it is all set up and ready to go! Look at all that great workspace! I'm so excited to get sewing!!

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Easter Fun!!

I have been trying to just post once or twice a week, but with Easter quickly approaching, I wanted to squeeze in one more post this week. I don’t know about you, but the I don’t like the idea of stuffing my kid full of Easter candy. Instead, I have created a list of fun ideas to fill Easter baskets with. I also compiled a list of crafts and activities that you can enjoy with your kiddos!

Easter Basket Goodies!

-Coloring Books



-Sidewalk Chalk (Learn how to make your own HERE)

– Finger Paint (Learn how to make your own HERE)

-New Swimsuit For The Coming Summer Season

-Easter Outfit



-Playdough (Learn how to make your own HERE)

-Flubber (Learn how to make it HERE)

-Stuffed Animals

-Bath Time Toys

-Outside toys

-Fill Plastic Eggs With Tastey Snacks (goldfish, Cheerios, etc)

-Sippy Cup, or Character Cup For an Older Kid

– Movies

– Hair Clips/Bows (This is where I get mine- F&F Creations– She does great work, and will do custom orders!)

– Stickers

-Plastic Eggs Filled with Little Toys

These Worksheets

-New Toothbrush


The possibilities are endless! Let’s try not to stuff our kids full of sweets this year!

And here are some great crafts and activities I’ve come across– Lots of Easter fun!!

Felt Easter Birdy

Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Easter Egg Coloring Tips

25 DIY Easter Projects

101 Easter Craft Ideas

Temporary Tattoos on Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt Activities

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

Plastic Egg Animals



My Favorite Online Tutorials!

Before I start, I’d like to quickly check and make sure that all of my followers are receiving emails when I make a new post. I have recently discovered that my blog has been having issues getting reminders out. So, if you could please let me know whether or not you are getting them, that would be great! I’m working on getting this problem solved 🙂

And now, as promised, my Top 10 Favorite Online Sewing Tutorials!! These are tutorials that I just keep going back too, and I feel like more people should enjoy. Take a look, and if you make something I’d love to see it!!

Invisible Zipper Tutorial via Sew Serendipity- If you are struggling with zippers (they can be tricky little suckers), take a look at this! This is how I do all my zippers now. It’s so easy, and they turn out beautiful every time!

Zippered Pouch Tutorial via Gussy Sews- These make great little cosmetics pouches, or holders for your kids crayons, snacks, etc. These can be difficult, but her tutorial makes it easy!

Baby booties, bibs, blankets, and more! via New Conceptions- Ok, cheating a bit here, this isn’t actually a tutorial. It’s a website with free patterns. Great ideas for a baby shower gift!

Spare Toilet Paper Holder via A Rosie Sweet Home- I made one of these in about 10 minutes the other day. It’s so handy to have in the bathroom.

Cafe Curtains via Woman’s Day- SO quick and simple! And what a nice touch to add to your kitchen!

Toddler Ruffle Top via Sewing in No Mans Land- Requires a bit more patience because of all the ruffles. But it is SO cute!!

Double-Sided Fabric Headband Tutorial via Happy Together- These are fun and quick! I’d love to modify her pattern to fit a toddler.

Super Simple Leggings via Make it and Love it- I have made several of these for Linnaea, and have a stack waiting to be sewn. Perfect pair to a cute dress!

The Circle Skirt via Made- She has TONS of great tutorials, but this one has got to be my all time favorite. I can throw together a skirt in just 10 minutes. I have made several for Linnaea and they are adorable.

Twirly Skirt via House on Hill Road- Another great skirt. Requires a little more work than the circle skirt, but equally cute!

There you have it, my favorite tutorials. I tried to include a little bit of everything, although I mostly sew clothes. Let me know what your favorites are- I always love trying out new tutorials.

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Easy Diaper Covers!

It took me a while, but I have finally done my diaper cover tutorial! I bought a pattern for diaper covers, but they didn’t turn out right. I think the pattern was for cloth diapers or something, because they turned out HUGE! Since then, I have been working on modifying that pattern to create one that will work over disposable diapers. I finally got the pattern all drawn up, and my wonderful husband spent some time making it look beautiful. So, now I have a pattern I can share with all of you! Exciting isn’t it 🙂

Now, I’m not very computer savvy, but here’s the easiest way I could think to do this. All you have to do is click on the patterns below, save them to your computer (right click, and then click save image as), and then print them! That simple!(If anyone has any issues getting them to print, leave me a comment and I’ll email them to you!)

Alright, now that you have your patterns printed, let’s make some diaper covers!


1/4yard- 1/2 yard fabric, 1/2″ elastic, 1/4″ elastic, scissors, sewing machine

Note: To get elastic measurements, measure around waist and add 1 inch. For leg holes, measure around top of leg and add one inch.

Cut the pattern down to the size you want to make

Fold your fabric in half, and place pattern on fabric- along the fold- as directed on pattern. You can pin pattern in place or trace around it.

Cut along lines. Unfold, and here's what we get!

With right sides of the fabric facing each other, pin the sides and crotch

Sew along sides and crotch. Be sure to either serge (if you're lucky enough to have a serger!!), or us a zigzag stitch on the edge to avoid fraying!

Now, press up edge of the leg holes 1/4"

Then fold and press another 1/2"

Fold and press the top edge 1/4"

Then fold and press again, about 3/4"

Sew the top and leg holes- leaving an opening to thread elastic into

The leg holes can be a bit tricky because of their shape. Be patient, and don't worry too much about flaws, they won't really show

Using 1/2" elastic for the top and 1/4" elastic for the leg holes, guide elastic through the opening- using a safety pin to help you.

Once you have pulled it through the entire casing, overlap elastic 1" and sew using a zigzag stitch. Sew the openings for elastic shut. Do the same for leg holes

The finished product!

I threw together a few more pairs 🙂 I ran out of elastic for my leg holes, and instead used bias tape on a couple pairs. That works well too, if you'd rather!


Easy Fabric Flowers!







My friend Sara Gambino taught me how to make these great fabric flowers. (Check her out, she’s awesome! Hair By Sarah Gambino or Her Facebook Page).  When I realized how easy and super cute they were, I just had to share!

It took me about 10-15 minutes to make one– Like I said, SO SIMPLE!




Here’s how you do it…..


Pick your fabric. You don't need much (depending on the size of flower you plan on making) For this one, I made a small flower that I want to attach to the dress I made the other day.

Find a circular object to trace. Like I said, this was a small flower so I grabbed an old cup. For bigger ones, I use a bowl or a coffee filter.

Trace circles onto your fabric. For small flowers I use 3 circles, and for bigger ones I use 4.

I use a sharpie to trace, but if you have a fabric pencil or something you'd rather use then go for it! You won't end up seeing any of the ink once it's all put together

Cut out your circles

And now cut those circles in half

Now fold each piece in half again, with the outside of the fabric showing

And sew along the straight edge. You could definitely hand sew this, I just LOVE my sewing machine 🙂

Sew each piece

And then turn them right side out. Use a blunt object to gently press out the corners. These are our petals!

Now to sew them all together. We'll sew them along the curved edge

Gathering them like this

or this... I couldn't decide out which angle would best show how to sew them, so I'll post both 🙂

You'll end up with a nice little chain of petals

Pull both ends tight, and tie them together. And VOILA! you have a fabric flower. At this point you could leave it as is, or sew a cute button or rhinestone in the center

Aren't they adorable! You can attach them to clothing, put them on a hair clip or headband, the possibilities are endless!

I love these! Pretty soon all of Linnaea’s clothes are going to be decorated with flowers! Thanks again so much Sara! (And seriously, you guys need to go check out her website, she’s great!)

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Sewing 2/21/2012 Dress w/ Flounces

I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to document my sewing yet, so bear with me on this. For this specific post, I think I’ll put up a bunch of pictures of the steps I took to get to the finished product. If you have any suggestions on how I should change it up, or have any specific questions on techniques, etc, let me know!

Here’s the project I did today!



I think my next blog will be for panties! I like all of her dress to have matching little panties (Because a diaper hanging out tends to ruin a whole look!) Anyways, I have a whole stack of panties that need to be made! Stay tuned….

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Sewing on a Budget

I am crazy about saving money! I’m a coupon clipper, bargain hunter, and get a thrill over finding a good deal. So, of course, when I started sewing I had to find a way to do it on a budget.

The first few projects I made I found myself spending WAY too much money. By the time you get the pattern, fabric, notions, thread, etc, it really starts to add up. I needed to find a way to make things cheaper- especially since I plan to make my daughter’s entire Spring and Summer wardrobe.

That’s when my wonderful mother-in-law stepped in and suggested “upcycling” (recycling) old clothes, sheets, etc. I couldn’t be more excited about the idea. We took a trip to Good Will and went crazy! I came home with a great stash and have been back a couple times for more. I’d say that I have probably saved at least $200 in fabric costs.

Just a small portion of what I've gotten at Good Will. I spent about $8 on all of this. I will probably get 2-3 outfits out of each sheet

It’s also amazing all of the notions you can find at the thrift store, too. I have a stash of bias tape, and am working on gathering up some buttons, zippers, and elastic too.  Many of the dresses we found to upcycle had buttons and zippers on them which can be reused too. The zippers take a little more effort, but it can be done! The savings probably isn’t as much here just yet- I’d say about $20. But every penny counts!

Patterns seemed to still be the part where I struggled and spent a little too much money…. However, searching the internet I found countless free tutorials that have been great. I also keep an eye out for deals at JoAnn’s. Just last weekend they had a deal for 5 Simplicity patterns for $5. I took advantage of it, purchased 10 patterns, and saved over $130!!!

Take a look at this score! Original prices range from $11.95-$17.95 a piece! I got them for a dollar each!

When it comes to thread costs, I keep it simple. Black or white thread can pretty much be used for any project. So, rather than buying new thread to match each and every project, I just always keep black and white thread on hand.

I’ll continue sharing tips and ideas, as well as deals I find!